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oh build your ship of death



A young woman stops at a cafe in the city center before meeting a friend on a Friday. Using the XMPP

client on her mobile phone, she chats with her friend Sally (who has a SIP client on her phone). Based on

her personal profile and location, an XMPP-enabled content server sends her a time-sensitive offer of

pre-sale tickets to a concert at a nearby music club. She quickly chats with her friend while leveraging

Jingle/RTP to download some music clips of the band. After sharing one of the music clips, her friend agrees

that the band is pretty good, so she reserves two tickets for the show.

SIP, RTP, and XMPP in the Emerging Real-Time Internet

Fantasies like this are as old as the web, at least. There’s no doubt that it’s technologically feasible. The very good reasons why it will never work have to do with the way people actually use communications devices: predominantly not as a means by which entertainment companies can spam them. “Oh, but it won’t be spam: Sally will have opted in to a service that keeps her up-to-date with customized entertainment updates!”. Yes. And opted out (or failed/neglected to opt out, but just got used to totally ignoring) a few days later…

I dunno. Maybe I’m just being crusty. I don’t even send text messages from my phone. I think it has a lousy user-interface for writing text; I’d much rather sit in front of a monitor with a proper keyboard, where I can type at 76wpm and see several whole paragraphs in front of me at once…