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oh build your ship of death


Trying to choose between Zizek’s The Parallax View and Badiou’s Theoretical Writings in the bookshop today - I was allowed just one - and eventually went for the Zizek, after skimming through the latter sections of the Badiou and seeing no diagrams of functors whatsoever.

Logics Of Worlds (Forthcoming) - to give it its complete and proper title - had better have diagrams of functors in it, or I’ll be most disappointed.

Anyway, the Zizek is a hoot, and his handling of Dennett et al reasonably adroit (I really thought he might come unstuck there, although I’ve been waiting for ages for someone to write something cogent about how interesting - from a “continental” point of view - Dennett’s writings on consciousness, free will and intentionality actually are). I may say more about it later; for the time being, if you want a review, Adam Kotsko wrote a good ‘un.

Unconnectedly: I always thought a Weldon was what one had to resort to when one’s strap-on kept falling off…