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oh build your ship of death


It might also be apparent that I’ve taken a recent interest in Badiou. One of the things Badiou is after in his mathematisation of ontology is an immanent conception of infinity, a way out of the pathos of finitude that leaves “the infinite” undisturbed in the sublime heavens. Mathematics can do things with infinity; it has ways of gaining traction over infinities, and is consequently less prone to negative theology.

Can the themes of witness, apocalypse and resurrection be viewed in the light of Badiou’s notion of the fidelity to the event? Can one, for example, recast the eternal as that which is unthematisable in the present temporal order - that which points to a different organisation of time, and hence of life - and thereby relate it to our immediate hopes and dreams of political change? Or is that an illegitimate move, a reduction to the immanent of the kind Derrida criticises in Foucault’s treatment of Descartes’ cogito?