(Late, again) Monday Poem: After Slumber xi

UNDERSTAND LESS almost a Dadaist slogan, anarchist oppugnancy voicing the truth of power. Some are left as ghosts in their own lives, materialising under assumed names, ventriloquised by grief. Destruction is safer to contemplate than healing, I find, although my appetites are strange even to me: I cling to gallows-humour as others cleave to the … Continue reading (Late, again) Monday Poem: After Slumber xi

(not-)Monday Poem – September 11 Special

from After Slumber: MORE TEA, GENERAL? I have in mind to write this minus consonants, as one long ululation with its teeth knocked out. One hears such stories. Were you, Baroness, not copied in? Deniability the least of it. Do pass the sugar tongs. One lump or two? News leaks out of the worst places. … Continue reading (not-)Monday Poem – September 11 Special

Weekend Gloss: “Understand Less”

After Slumber is an unfinished sequence about the history of civil disorder in the UK between 1979 and 2009 – “thirty years of hurt”, as another of the poems in the sequence hasĀ it. I had a notion of writing one poem for each stanza of Shelley’s The Masque of Anarchy, but came to a halt … Continue reading Weekend Gloss: “Understand Less”